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Basi Kefa

Basi Kefa [BG]

Brewery: Beer Bastards
Style:White IPA -
ABV:6.7 %
IBU: 48
Average rating: 4.75 ( 3 ratings )
Added to onTap:14-02-2019

More: Refreshing white IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Columbus. A bomb of tropical and citrus aroma with crazy fresh taste. "Баси Кефа" can't be translated...it's feeling of spiritual pleasure. Open a bottle of Баси Кефа on the beach at sunset and you will feel it..

Seen on tap at :

Колобри на бирата / Beer Kolobars Stara Zagora 05-11-2020
Vitamin B Sofia 07-08-2020
Barabar - Craft Beer Bar Sofia 01-06-2020
100 Beers Sofia 20-05-2020
Dissident Beer Shop Sofia 13-05-2020
Black Sheep Varna 28-02-2020
Aubergine - Taps & Tapas Sofia 16-02-2020
Barabar - Craft Beer Bar Sofia 03-02-2020
Papa Beer Burgas 10-12-2019
100 Beers Sofia 01-08-2019
Колобри на бирата / Beer Kolobars Stara Zagora 21-02-2019
Vitamin B Sofia 17-02-2019
Beer Bastards Burgas 14-02-2019

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