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Coors Brewing - Golden Brewery

Coors Brewing - Golden Brewery 311 Tenth Street Golden United States




 In 1873, as the United States approached its centennial year, its people were busy building a new kind of nation. It was thirsty work. And that's where Coors Brewing Company came in. When we began in that same year, we were a small, family-owned brewery, located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We were busy creating the same kind of crisp, refreshing beer we're known for today. While hundreds of such family-owned breweries have come and gone in the years since, we believe the reasons for our success are simple. We've never compromised on quality in producing our award-winning brews and we've never lost sight of our rich Rocky Mountain heritage. Just as important, we've always believed in doing well by doing good. We treat our employees with respect, we support the local communities where we do business, and we strive to protect the environment. That's just how we do business.

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