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Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Midnight Sun Brewing Co. 8111 Dimond Hook Drive Anchorage United States




 Since firing up its brew kettle in 1995, Midnight Sun Brewing Company has become a serious yet creative force on the American brewing front. From concept to glass, Midnight Sun relies on an art marries science approach, mixing tradition with innovation, to design and craft bold, distinctive beers for Alaska...and beyond. We at Midnight Sun find inspiration in the untamed spirit and rugged beauty of the Last Frontier and develop unique beers with equally appealing names and labels. But the company's true focus remains in its dedication to producing consistently high-quality beers that provide satisfying refreshment in all seasons... for Alaskans and visitors alike. From our Pacific Northwest locale, we offer our wonderful beers on draft throughout Alaska and in 22-ounce bottles throughout Alaska and Oregon. We invite you to visit our hardworking, little brewery in South Anchorage every chance you get!

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БираСтил ABV Активен на Място
3767 Belgian-style IPA with Brett Other Belgian-Style Ales 8
Anchor Witbier with Brettanomyces Belgian-Style White 6.25
Arctic Rhino Coffee Porter Porter 5
Bathtub Gin Gruit Ale Herb and Spice Beer 8
Berserker Imperial Stout American-Style Imperial Stout 12.7
Big Slick American Barleywine Ale American-Style Barley Wine Ale 11.9
Cafe Amsterdam's 10th Anniversary Gruit Fruit Beer 12
CoHoHo Imperial IPA Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8
Conspiracy Dark American-Belgo-Style Ale 8.5
Cosmic Black Witbier Belgian-Style White 6.2
Descent Imperial Abbey Ale Other Belgian-Style Ales 8.3
Earth - Belgian Style Chocolate Milk Stout Sweet Stout 5
Fahrwasser Fairway Pilsner German-Style Pilsener 5.2
Fallen Angel Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale 8
Free Loader Double Red IPA Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 0
Full Curl Scotch Ale Scotch Ale 6
Fur Rondy Winter Warmer 6
Gluttony Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 10.5
Greed Belgian-Style Pale Ale 5
Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter Pumpkin Beer 7.8
Jupiter - Belgian-style "Champagne" Trippel Belgian-Style Tripel 0
Kodiak Brown Nut Brown Ale American-Style Brown Ale 5
La Maitresse du Moine Dark American-Belgo-Style Ale 9
Lust Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale 11.5
Mammoth Extra Stout American-Style Stout 6
Mars - Belgian Imperial Red IPA Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.7
Mayhem Belgian-style Double IPA Other Belgian-Style Ales 8.2
Meltdown Double IPA Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8
Mercury - Belgian Style Small Beer Other Belgian-Style Ales 6.5
Oak-Aged Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter Porter 7.8
Obliteration I Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.5
Obliteration II Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.3
Obliteration III Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 7.6
Obliteration IV Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.7
Obliteration V Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.2
Obliteration VI Imperial or Double India Pale Ale IPA 8.5
Old Whiskers South German-Style Hefeweizen 4.5
Oosik Amber Ale American-Style Amber/Red Ale 5
Panty Peeler Tripel Belgian-Style Tripel 8.5
Pluto - Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale Other Belgian-Style Ales 8.7
Pride Belgian-Style Pale Strong Ale 6.5
Rondy Brew 2009 American-Style Pale Ale 4.5
RUMBAH Double Rum Bock German-Style Doppelbock 10
Saturn - Belgian-style Fresh Hop IPA Other Belgian-Style Ales 8
Sloth American-Style Imperial Stout 10.2
Sockeye Red IPA American-Style India Pale Ale IPA 5.7
The Viking Belgian-style Dark Strong Ale Belgian-Style Dark Strong Ale 12
Trickster Belgian-style Pumpkin Ale Pumpkin Beer 7
Uranus - 100% Brettanomyces Golden Ale Other Belgian-Style Ales 7.2
Venus - Belgian-style Quadrupel Belgian-Style Quadrupel 16
Wrath Other Belgian-Style Ales 8.2