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 White Stork Republic at Koncept Bul Nikola Y. Vaptsarov 6, Sofia Show on map

На кран от: 11-06-2021
Пивоварна: Hop Hooligans
Стил:DDH Double NEIPA
ABV:8 %
IBU: 40

Ingredients: Water, Grains (Extra pale, Flaked oats, Malted oats, Chit, Dextrin, Heidelberg wheat), Hops (Comet, Meridian, Galaxy, Sabro Cryo), Yeast (London Ale III) We promise you this isn't spiked with anything. And we didn't even bring out the fancy crystals at the brewery. It's definitely not gonna be mushrooms x 1 million + aliens, but we hope it's enough to make you think less about ego for a bit and just let something new awaken inside yourself. Lift the veil, squint just a bit and sneak a peek deep into the delicate meshwork that's all around. Still on that DDH DIPA trend, PSYCHOACTIVE aims for some really trippy flavours, abusing loads of Sabro Cryo, Comet, Galaxy and... Meridian! Tons of pulpy blond fruit, especially the tropical kind with ripe mango and papaya, huge melon, overripe pomelo and persimmon.

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