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BAGER THE FURSTY FERRET New beer on onTap.bg

На кран# 3 в :
 Бирария и билярд ! гр. Казанлък ул, Искра 12 , Казанлък Show on map

На кран от: 06-09-2021
Пивоварна: Dorset
Стил:American amber ale
ABV:5 %
IBU: n/a

THE STORY OF THE FURSTY FERRET. Ferret comes from the Latin word for ‘little thief’. When they’re about, you can be sure trouble’s brewing. We still remember the night one such furry ne’er-do-well tiptoed into the thatched Gribble Inn and stole himself a taste of our tantalising tawny tipple, loved for its full-bodied biscuity taste. Now then, what’s Latin for ‘little thief with great taste in beer’? A MORISHLY MALTY, AMBER ALE. Dark crystal malt delivers a full-bodied biscuity taste, rounded off with a subtle floral and lemon hop aroma. 4.4% ABV.

Средна оценка за BAGER THE FURSTY FERRET : 5 от5 с1 оценки

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