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 Crafter Bar ul. Hristo Belchev 6, Sofia Show on map

На кран от: 18-03-2023
Пивоварна: Bevog
Стил:American-Style Pale Ale
ABV:5.5 %
IBU: 35

Pale ale basically originates from England, but we have brewed it in our own way. It was designed with the idea of a very tasty, aroma;c and balanced beer. The base of the beer is formed by a rela;vely simple combina;on of the basic and caramelised malts. This base was then overlaid with 4 types of hops that give it a fresh, fruity aroma and a superbly refreshing taste, which together with the malt base creates highly balanced and dangerously drinkable ale.

Средна оценка за Tak : 4.92 от5 с3 оценки

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