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 Bulldog Craft Beer Taproom Улица "Добрич" 89, Силистра Show on map

На кран от: 04-01-2024
Пивоварна: Amager Bryghus
Стил:IPA - American
ABV:7.3 %
IBU: 70

The Golden Age of pirates is often considered to have happened between 1650 and 1730. And thanks to Hollywood we often consider the Caribbean to be the historic hotspot of piracy. The west coast of America was largely free from pirate activities, because with the exception of Spain, the major sea powers of Europe had very little presence there. But there was one exception, Hippolyte de Bouchard, often called California’s only pirate. Born in St. Tropez in 1780, Hippolyte worked both in the merchant fleet and later in the French Navy proper. Disillusioned with the direction of the French Revolution – it wasn’t quite revolutionary enough in his opinion – he left for Argentina when he was 29. Here he could live out his urge for more revolution, as Argentina at this time was fighting fiercely for its independence from the Spanish. Appreciating all good fighting men, Argentina soon granted Bouchard a corsair license, allowing him to fight all enemies of Argentina, and keep the loot. A pirate with a license, so to speak. And then we jump to 1818 and the only pirate attack ever on the Californian coast line. California, after all, was still a Spanish territory at this time. Bouchard, now commanding the frigate La Argentina, successfully sent a landing party ashore, capturing the fort at Monterey, flying the Argentinian flag over it for six days before moving on. In Argentina and other countries of South America, Hippolyte de Bouchard is regarded as a patriot and hero; streets and mo

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