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На кран от: 17-04-2024
Пивоварна: Dorst
Стил:Pale Ale - American
ABV:4.9 %
IBU: 29

Alexis is a proud member of our giraffe family, with citrusy flavour from the Simcoe hops and the herbal notes from Loral hops. Based on the famous German heritage barley malt Alexis. Giraffes typically don’t drink too much water. Probably they drink more beer. Did you know that the average giraffe tongue is 40cm long? Imagine how much beer tasting they can do! Giraffes are also really social animals – they live in groups of around 15 giraffes and they also have excellent eyesight. Probably to spot beer from far away in the bar. Be like giraffes!

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